Wedding Planner

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Your task will be to create a notebook that shares your plans for a wedding including a budget. 

Wedding Planner


1.  Data Sheet--1 sheet at the beginning of the book that 

Lists the following details:  Names of groom and bride, number of guests at the wedding, theme topic or feel, color scheme, budget

2.  Notebook with plans for the wedding including all items created in Publisher.

3.   A Budget Sheet-- created in Google Sheets that totals expenses for the wedding. This should be printed and put in the notebook before being turned in.  

The documents below list what expenses you have to include on your budget.

Use this link to help you create a budget worksheet with a total.  CLICK HERE

The sheet should include item, location where purchased, item price, items needed, and total price for item.  It should also have a final total.  


1.  Follow the directions on the sheets below to create a notebook that documents your plans for the wedding.  You are to imagine that you are creating this notebook for a client, so it should be well organized and visually pleasing.