3D Home Model--TinkerCad

Don't forget to log every day with specific details about what you planned or accomplished.  

Goal:  To digitally design a home for a specific client.  

Artifacts:  The completed home in Tinkercad, snips/screen capture of the project in Tinkercad from different angles which includes the document name.  

Project Details to Know:

Interior Design

Your home will have: 

a kitchen

at least one bathroom

a living room

at least one bedroom 

and a laundry room

The room sizes are suggestions, but you may design your own room size.  You do need to actually use the number of doorways/closet doors/ windows for the rooms.  

Client Options

You must pick one of the following clients and design their rooms for them:

Bedroom 1 — 10 feet by 15 feet (1 window, 1 door, and 28” wide closet door)

Bedroom 2—15 feet by 15 feet (2 windows, 1 door, 48” wide closet doors)

Master Bedroom—20 feet by 20 feet (2 windows, 1 door, 1 bathroom door, 2-28” wide closet doors) 


Living Room 1—20 feet by 25 feet (1 48” wide window, 1 48” wide opening to kitchen, 1 36” wide entry door)  

Living room 2-- 18 feet by 20 feet (1 36” wide entry door, 1 36” wide doorway to another room, 3 windows) 

Bathroom-- 10 feet by 12 feet (toilet, shower, sink)

Bathroom—12 feet by 15 feet (toilet, shower, sink, window)

Use Google Sketchup to create your floor plan and design for the room. I know that

you will not be able to find identical pieces in the Google templates that you will find

to purchase, but you should find similar ones.

I think it would be a good idea to start with a sketch and a brainstorm sheet of what

you will include in the room. You may want to list a theme or a set of colors that you

would like to use.