Coding Robots--Kozmo, Sphero, and JD Humanoid

Don't forget to log every day with specific details about what you planned or accomplished.  

Goal:  For this project, you will be coding robots using the Kozmo, Sphero, and JD Humanoid.

Artifacts:  ideos of your coding progress--uploaded to classroom in the ARTIFACTS assignment.  You should work on the project for the full 8 days.  The number of contraptions created will depend on the intricacy of the contraptions. 


Project Details to Know:

Here is Your To Do Tasks:

1.  Experiment with the robot to see what it does.

2. Code the robot to follow a maze taped to the floor using white Gaffer tape.

3.   Color Maze--put out 4 pieces of colored paper on the floor.  Code the robot to go to that color, blink the color, dance/celebrate, and say the color before moving to the next piece of paper.  

4. Block Knock Down--Set up black foam blocks.  Program the robot to circle the block, say "Got Ya", and then knock down the block before moving to the next one.  

5.  Snow Plow---Using found materials around the classroom, build a plow or grabber.  Start from the beginning of the maze.  Put a golf/ping pong ball(snow) on every other piece of tape in the middle of the maze.  Program your Sphero to move each snowball from its piece of tape to the next piece of tape.  Start with one and if you have time, you will continue to program to move 3 in each maze.  The sphero should complete the entire process with one push of the start button.  

If you have your own idea for a project with the Sphero, you may do that instead after having it approved by Mrs. Pennington


Please find and utilize at least one website to understand how to use the Sphero robot.  Use an index card to document what you have learned.

Youtube  How to Use Sphero