Automata--Cardboard and Found Items

Automata/Mechanism Creation

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

Artifacts:  Pictures  AND video of your creation(s)--uploaded to classroom in the ARTIFACTS assignment.  You should work on the project for the full 8 days.  The number of pieces created will depend on the intricacy of the pieces.  If you finish your automata early, you can either create a second automata or spend time adding to the decoration of your original.

1.  You do not have to create an original automata.  You can find one on the internet that someone else has created and use it for a pattern for your automata.

2.  You can utilize any consumable materials in the classroom.  We have access to scrap cardboard, good design cardboard, skewers, hot glue, white glue, construction paper, and colored paper.

3.  We have several tools for cutting and even a hand drill.  If you need something cut with a utility blade, you will need to draw the cut lines for me (Mrs. Pennington) and I will cut it for you.  I will cut exactly on your drawn lines.

4.  Just a hint...The automatas that have more exact dimensions and measurements, often work better.  

5.  Hot glue guns--There are several hot glue guns in the classroom.  There is a tub of several with hot glue sticks in a tub on the supply shelves in the back of the room.  There is also a hook next to the door to Mrs. Pettibon's room that we utilize to hang the guns when they are hot to let them cool, instead of putting them back in the container.  

6.  You will be given a project box with your name on it.  This box is to contain all the parts of your project as you work.

7.  This project often creates quite a mess.  Make sure to pick up the hot glue strands and/or use the room sweeper to pick up ones off the floor.  The hot glue strands are hard on the vaccuum.