Tetrix Robot--A Remote Controlled Robot

Don't forget to log every day with specific details about what you planned or accomplished.  

Goal:  For this project, you will be using the Tetrix Prime kit to create a remote controlled robot.

Artifacts:  Pictures of the project that you have created.

Project Details to Know:

Design and Build an original robot (not one from the book) that can meet one of the following challenges:

1.  Build a device with only three wheels that can maneuver around an obstacle course of cones.

3.  Build a robot that can tap a golf ball into  a cup.

4.  A Robot that can walk.  

5. Build a stationary robot arm that can move cups from one location to another.  

6. A robot that can "paint" a wall with paint strokes from side to side.  

7,  A robot that is taller than it is long that can pick up an item.