Breaker Space

Breaker Space


Goal:  To take apart and document the inside workings of an electrical device.  

Make sure to log every day.  

Artifact Choices:

1. Make a detailed drawing of the inside of the device and its parts.  Do some research to determine what 15 individual parts are and what role they play.  Add that information to your drawing(s).

2. Take pictures of the deconstruction.  Use the pictures to create a digital or hand-created poster that documents the layout and what 15 of the individual parts are and what role they play.

3. Make a video of the deconstruction process and what 15 individual parts are and what role they play.

4.  Create a Google Slide to share your pieces. This cannot just be a list of the pieces and what they do.  Your Google Slide 

Once you have picked your device to deconstruct, you will find a website that describe how one works.  You will jot down information on your index card about the workings of your device.  

Tools:  There are sets of precision flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers to use.  

Process:  You should utilize your class box to hold all materials as you deconstruct your item.  Mrs. Pennington will go through your materials when you have finished to see if we can save the items for later use.