Artifacts to create

1.  Journal of the vocabulary learned.

You will need head phones for the project.

You will need to create a BBC log in.  I would like you to use your classroom email.  Do not put your real date of birth, but use a date of birth that is one month earlier.

Step 1

Start by reading the user guide.  USER GUIDE

Step 2

Use your log in to log into the Italian Language center at the BBC.  

Complete the  Guide to Italian Key Phrases.  

Write down the phrases and the their translation.

Step 3

Review the Italian alphabet. 

 BBC Italian Alphabet 

 Record your thoughts.

Step 4

Complete the activity--La Mappa Misterioso.  

La Mappa Misterioso

During each lesson, when the lesson comes to a vocabulary stopping point, you are to record the italian words with the translation written after.  Please make sure to label each lesson with the Lesson name.

Step 4--Sharing

Your sharing it to speak at least two sentences in Italian and share what you learned from the project.