Balsa Flight

Top Balsa Glider Flight--38 feet

Don't forget to log every day.

GoalFor this project, you will be creating a glider out of balsa, glue, and tissue paper.  

ArtifactsPictures of your glider.  You may want to take a picture before you take it to test in case it breaks.  


Glue choice--hot glue or tacky white glue

(Hot glue is faster and allows for more repairs of your glider.)

Balsa Cutters--blue and black--blue one is better for making angle cuts

Balsa--1/8" by 1/8th" sticks available in coat closet

Tissue Paper for Wings

Up to 5 Grams of Modeling Clay -- to balance wings

The student is to create a balsa glider that meets the following expectations: