Photography Independent Project

Photo Editing Independent Project

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  


1. A digital portfolio of your work.  The portfolio should include both the original copy of the images and your edited version.  You could create a Google Drive folder or a Google Slide presentation.  

2. 5 printed images of edited photographs--These will be printed on cardstock to improve the print quality.  

Websites to Utilize:

Pixlr E Editor

Digital Photography School 

Digital Photography School Links

Tutorials That you Can Use to Learn New Editing Skills

Changing the Color of an Eye

Fantasy Neon Portal in Pixlr E

Stencil Effect in Pixlr

Landscapes Tutorial in Pixlr E

Stylized Blending Tutorial with Spirit Animal

Big Dog in the City Tutorial


Pixlr E Tutorial

How to change the background colors of a layer--Pixlr Tutorial

The A-Z Guide on the Pixlr X Liquify Tool

Place an Image Onto Another Image--Pixlr Tutorial

How to Cutout, Add, or Change the Background--Pixlr Tutorial

How to Cut Out Part of a Photo and Save as A PDF