Tinkercad and 3D Print

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

Artifacts:  Pictures of your creations--uploaded to classroom in the ARTIFACTS assignment. 

You should work on the project for the full 8 days.  The number of pieces created will depend on the intricacy of the pieces.  

This project is not just about the print, it is also about the design timeIt is expected that items that are larger prints, have more time and effort in them.   I don't like spending 8 hours of filament and time printing/monitoring the print on something that you put 10 minutes of work into.  

Join my Action Tinkercad class before you start to work.  

On your first 3D Print Project, you should click on and complete the Do You Want to Build a Snowman Tutorial.  
It will teach you how to use many tools in Tinkercad.    You do not work through the entire tutorial, but you should follow it until your snowman has a hat and buttons. You do not have to do the project again on following 3D print projects, but it might be a good idea.  

  1. Our printer is a QIDI X-One2.
  2. Unless otherwise approved by Mrs. Pennington, you will have 5 hours of printing time.  Keep track of your printing time on your log. 
  3. The Qidi Slicer Software is loaded onto all computers.  It does not show up on the desktop, but will open when an .STL file is opened.  
  4. To get in the queue for printing, put your name, print name, color of print, card number, and approximate length of print on the notepad sitting on the printer cart.  
  5. Our printer prints one color at a time.  
  6. We will not print any items that were simply downloaded.  The max print for something downloaded and edited is 20 minutes. 
  7. We have 3 card readers and 3 SD cards on which to save your prints.  The SD cards are now numbered to make it easier to remember on which card your work is saved.   This means that we can be printing and you can be prepping your print.  The instructions for saving your Tinkercad project and getting it ready to print are in a PDF below.  
  8. Any projects that you work on but don't print can still be turned in.  Go to the search tool at the bottom of the page.  Search for snipping tool.  Use the snipping tool to take a "picture" of your Tinkercad project.  Save the snip and upload to Classroom.  
Lessons and Tutorials

The link below will walk you through how to do things in Tinkercad.  Use it as a resource if you are unsure how to complete something.  

Then you will choose an option to create. 
Create Activity Options:
A vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck, etc.)
A house
A character.  
An idea of your choosing.  

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