Music Composition

Music Composition

You will need to set up an account in Noteflight.  The basic account is free.

1.  Response.
2.  Songs (2)--each must be at least three minutes long.

Step 1--Research and Response

Log into your Noteflight account and in the Help Menu, watch the first four videos tutorials about how to create and edit music.  Go to the Browse menu item and listen to at least four songs.  

Write a 250+ word essay describing your plans for the two songs that you will be creating.  You can include such information as the mood of the song, the tempo, the story of the song, or the purpose of the song.  Remember to add strong details to strengthen your writing.  You should also include as least completion milestone.

Step 2--Write Music

Create at least two songs that are at least 3 minutes each at 100 tempo.  You may play back your songs faster or slower, but they should be 3 minutes at 100 tempo.

If you write music with 2 or more instruments, then you may shorten the songs to at least 2 1/2 minutes at 100 tempo.