Sign Language

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  • Notebook with reflections about your learning and lists of words that you know.
  • Video (5)--hold up a paper with a phrase on it and then sign the phrase
  • ASL Workbook 1, 2, and/or 3

Step 1
  • Get the Start ASL worksheets/handbook from Mrs. Pennington
  • Watch the following Ted Talk:  Ted Talk "Opening Our Ears to the Deaf"
  • Make notes in your worksheet handbook about what you learned from the Ted Talk
Step 2
  • Get the Start ASL website link from Mrs. Pennington to access the lessons
  • is the address for the website as a whole
  • Work through the lessons and the notebook.
Step 3
  • Make 5 quick videos to upload to the Artifacts Section
  • Write out what you will sign on a piece of paper
  • Start the video and hold up the sign to the camera
  • Put down the sign and then use sign language to sign the message

Additional Resources

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