Build a Battery Powered Car

Don't forget to log your work every day.  

Artifacts:  You will upload both pictures (from different angles) and a video of your car working.  

THE GOAL: Build battery-powered car from scratch that can drive 6 feet in a straight line.
  • You will be given a battery pack and a 1.5 V hobby motor.  The rest of the car will be built from scratch from materials that we have in the classroom.  
  • You should be able to use almost any materials available in the classroom for your car, but you should check with Mrs. Pennington to make sure the materials that you want to use are acceptable with her.  
  • We do have some wheel and axle kits available, but you may also build your own wheels and axles.
  • You can use any type of glue or adhesive that we have available in the classroom to put your car together.  It does not have to have a certain size requirement.  
  • Hint--the straighter your car rolls, the easier it is to get it to travel the 6 feet required.
  • There is a battery tester in the battery box that you can use to test batteries.
  • If you need to solder your battery pack and motor together or back together, let Mrs. Pennington know.  You will likely be able to do this by yourself.  
  • If you finish early and your car is working, you can create a second version of the car or spend time making your car more visually appeasing.