Stop Animation

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

Artifacts:  You will create one or more videos during your time.  You should work for the entire 8 days.  If you have completed filming, you could continue to work on editing for the video to add items like an introduction.  
Step 1

View the following stop animation videos and analyze them for content, style, and tech issues.  

Read the book Tricky Video.

Write a 250+ word reponse that shares what you learned from viewing the video and Tricky Video
book.  You should also include your preliminary ideas for your project.  It should be written on Acrobat and shared in the Independent Project Folder.

Step 2

Create your videos.  Make sure to save often to reduce loss due to computers freezing.  Make sure to save videos to both the I: drive and the jump drive.

Digital Resources:

Music Sound Effects