Creative Writing

Don't forget to log every day.

Artifacts:  Your story is your artifact.  It should be turned in to the Digital Artifacts Assignment for the correct Independent Project #.  You will need to choose if you wish your classmates to read it in its entirety or you will read it aloud for class.  

You will use Google Docs so it can be completed on any computer.  

Creative Writing
Expectations for length.
Short Story
        6th Grade 1750+ Words
        7th Grade 2000+ Words
        8th Grade 2250+ Words

The story should be classroom appropriate.
It could be a collection of short stories instead of one long story.
It could be a story written in verse.

Creative Writing 2

Artifacts to create:
1.  Response (125+ words) 
2.  Writing Sample Options:  PowerPoint Choose-Your-Own Story