Inspirational Poster

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  The goal of this project is for you to create inspirational posters for your personal use.  

1. You will create one or more inspirational posters.  You are expected to work on projects for the entire 8 days so the number of posters created will depend on the intricacy of the projects.
2. You will upload your finished digital projects or pictures of the hand made projects to Google Classroom Artifacts assignment.  

Objective:  Design and Build an Inspirational Poster
1.  Pick one or two inspirational sayings.
2.  Design a poster from 8.5" by 11" size to poster board size--consider font styles/size, layout, graphics and whether it is handmade or digital.  
3. Design the poster using cut and paste or hand coloring that is fulling completed.  You may also use digital tools like Canva or Publisher to create your posters.