Tetrix Robot--A Remote Controlled Robot

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

Artifacts:  You will upload a picture of each of your robots and 1 video of it in action.  
With your first project, you will build a robot from the booklet to learn how to connect the pieces and the wires.  

Details to Know:
  • The motor is rechargeable, so you will want to start the first day by getting the power pack and starting to charge it while you are in class.  We will have a spot to charge it each day when you finish your work.  
  • The remote is adjustable.  We have had some difficulties with it in the past, but we should be able to get it adjusted closely to correctly.  
  • You will not need a computer for this project.  
  • Once you have completed the project, you can either create a second build through the book or follow one of the following challenges.
  • If you have your own idea for a project, you may check with Mrs. Pennington to have it approved.
  • You should plan for the last day to be a take apart and organize the kit day.   

Design and Build a robot that can meet one of the following challenges:
1. Can climb a ramp holding a golf ball.  Goal is to get the slope of the ramp as steep as possible.
2. Can maneuver around an obstacle course of cones.
3. Build a robot that can pick up a golf balls and put them in cups on a course.
4. A Robot that can walk.  
5. Build a stationary robot arm that can move cups from one location to another.  
6. A robot that can "paint" a wall.
7. Build a crane that can move foam blocks from one location to another.  
8. Student designed project.
This is a project in which you may finish early.  The expectation is that you find alterations to continue to make while you have the robot.