Lego Mindstorm

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

Artifacts:  Pictures and videos of your creations--uploaded to classroom in the ARTIFACTS assignment.  You should work on the project for the full 8 days.  The number of contraptions created will depend on the intricacy of the contraptions.  

Lego Mindstorms Idea Book--181 Simple Machines and Clever Contraptions
The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Discovery Book--4 Robot Ideas
The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Laboratory--5 Robot Ideas
Lego Mindstorms Project Page  Click Here
  • You need to check your computer for the software for the Lego Mindstorm to do the coding.  If it is not on your computer, let Mrs. Pennington know so that we can update it.  We will also try to see if we can utilize one of the tablets for coding the project.  
  • The brick is battery operated and Mrs. Pennington has replacement batteries.
  • The Clever Contraptions book has many smaller projects  They are quicker builds and requires less coding.  You can make smaller projects that run on simple codes.  It could be a good way to learn how to make smaller contraptions if you are interested in later designing your own project.  
Option 1
Create a Preset Robot Using Lego Books

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Discovery Book
4 Robot Ideas:
ANTY: The Robotic Ant 
Formula EV3: A Racing Robot
SNATCH3R: Autonomous Robotic Arm
LAVA R3X:  The Humanoid that Walks and Talks

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Laboratory Book
5 Robot Ideas:
ROV3R: A Car with a Grabber
WATCHGOOZ3: A Walking/Honking Goose Robot
SENTIN3L: A Walking Robot With Weapons and A Shield
T-R3X:  A Walking Robot

Lego Mindstorms Project Page  Click Here
Option 2
Create An Original Robot that Can Perform Tasks
(Complete 2)

1. Build a robot that can climb as steep a ramp as possible-- document the ramp slope.
2. Build a robot that can greet someone--a hand wave, a fist bump, saying hello!
3. Build a robot that can throw a cotton ball 3 feet.
4. Build a robot that can pick up 3 cotton balls.
5.  A Robot "Vacuum" that can clean the floor by traveling over every space on a "floor"
6. A Robot that can complete an Bang and Bump Race around the track 2X.

Dr. E's Challenges--Click on the "Challenges" drop down on the top left hand corner of the page.  Choose a Cycle to find the challenges within that cycle.