Paper Tower

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

1. Your artifacts for this project will be the tower that you create and pictures of the tower from two different angles.  
2.  The tower must be 48" tall and be able to hold a math or social studies textbook for one minute.  

  • You will receive one roll of masking tape and unlimited paper.  
  • The base from which you will build will be a 12" tile or board with an 8" square in the middle.  
  • The paper from the tower must be inside the square and may not past the vertical plane of the square for 6 inches off the tile/board. 
  • The tower must measure 48" tall (vertically) from the surface of the base.  
  • The goal is to self-support a math or social studies textbook for 1 minute.  
  • You may not fold, stack, or roll together more than two sheets paper at a time.
  • You will utilize scrap paper from the scrap stack underneath the printer for the project.  
  • When completed, you should take and upload to Google Classroom at least two different sides of your tower as well as a picture/video of the tower holding the book.