Construction--Meccano Metal Set

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

1. Your artifacts for this project at least two pictures (from different angles) and a video of any/each creation that can be moved or move.  

Project Information:  
  • You will be creating one or a series of contraptions/structures with the Meccano Metal set.
  • You may work from either of the instruction booklets in the kit or any only instructions listed on the Meccano site or by other individuals.
  • You may also design and build your own creation.
  • If this is the first time working on the Meccano set, I would suggest that you build at least a simple structure/contraption following a premade set of instructions.  
  • You are expected to work the entire project.
  • You may spend a day at the beginning or end of the project organizing the supplies in the 2 containers.  
  • There is not a set number of builds you must do. 
  • You may use all your time on one intricate project or you may do several smaller items.
  • There is a motor available and Mrs. Pennington has replacement batteries for it.