Hydraulic Cardboard Crane

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

Artifacts:  Pictures of your creation and a video of your creation in motion uploaded to Google Classroom.
You can utilize the following YouTube video and recreate that hydraulic crane or you may create your own.  

Things to Know:

  • All materials for the project are available in the cabinets.
  • Safety with cutting materials.  You may be able to use the cutting materials, but you will have to have it approved by Mrs. Pennington first.
  • If you use the sharp cutting tool, you also need to use a mat under your cutting.
  • Make sure to use a glue board under the hot glue gun and return it to the cooling hook.
  • We do have other glue available for the project, but hot glue is suggested for most of the project.  
  • Make sure to store all your materials in your box at the end of the day.
  • I do have old batteries for you to use in the project, if the design you follow uses batteries.  
  • If you find your own project, I would suggest that you look for one that shares measurements.  These may often be found in the description below the video.  
  • We have some tub lids for you to use once you start using the water in the syringes.  
  • You will likely need to use tools from both the tool can and the tool tub:  saw, hand drill, and clippers.  If you are cutting skewers with the clippers (the suggested method), make sure to cut away from anyone since the clipping motion tends to make the pieces fly.

Peggy Pennington,
Nov 1, 2019, 7:31 AM