Cross Stitch

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

Artifacts:  Pictures of your creations--uploaded to classroom in the ARTIFACTS assignment.  You are expected to work on the project for the full 8 days.  The number of pieces created will depend on the intricacy of the pieces.  
  1. You will start the project by finding a resource (likely a video) that explains what cross stitch is and how it works.  
  2. Mrs. Pennington has a few patterns that you could use.  Most of her patterns are small.
  3. You may also find your own patterns that you wish to use. 
  4. We do have a medium size hoop, needles, and some embroidery thread to use for the cross stitch.
  5. Hint--You may want to start with a smaller project to get the hang of how to do the stitches before moving to a larger, more complicated one.  
  6. Once you finish a project and upload it, you may take your project home.  
  7. You may be able to talk some during your project, but you should make sure that your talking does not get in the way of someone else completing their project.