3D Puzzle

Don't forget to log your progress every day.  

Artifacts:  Pictures of your completed puzzle from at least three different directions.  Upload the pictures to Google Classroom.  
You may work with another person to complete the puzzle.

I have several wooden boards or pieces of cardboard which can be used for the base to build on to make it easier to put away at the end of the day.

You may also use plastic bags or extra pop flats to organize your pieces.  You can get them from the shelf.  

There are four puzzles from which to choose.  
Many of the puzzles are missing pieces and this can be frustrating.  There are two ways which you can handle the missing pieces:  you can either build without them or even possibly create your own new piece from the foam pieces.

Make sure to check the floor EVERY DAY at the end of class.

I also have a miscellaneous bag of pieces which you may look through to find the pieces.