Conference Materials

Thank you for attending my presentation on stress management at the Conference on Gifted Students at Columbia.  Listed below are the links to the online resources that we use in creating our stress management booklets.
The stress management book that we use in my classroom as part of the reading in my classroom is Fighting Invisible Tigers by Earl Hipp.  I personally think that it is one of the best stress management books that I have ever used.
Mayo Clinic Stress Center--home page for the Mayo Clinic Stress Center
Stress Symptoms--Mayo Clinic--resource for short term and long term effects
Stress Symptoms--UMD--resource for short term and long
The Candle Meditation-Video--Mayo Clinic--a meditation practice video
Prevention Magazine "How to Blunt Sugar"--video that explains how to minimize blood sugar spikes
Prevention Magazine "Get Moving:  Smart Carbs"--video that explains good vs. bad carbs Glycemic Index of Foods--resource for finding good and bad foods for blood sugar
Read the following two websites for the "You Are What You Eat" page in your stress management booklet
Procrastination--article to read about why people procrastinate
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Oct 13, 2010, 1:17 PM