Life Story Narration Directions

Step 1.  Open Windows Movie Maker from the Start Menu=>All Programs.
Step 2.  Click Save As to create a Movie Maker File for your narration.  Name it "Your Name's Life Story" and save it to the I: drive. 
Step 3.  Click on Tools Menu---Click on Narrate Timeline.
Step 4.  Click on the Start Narration button.  Record your narration.  Click on Stop Narration.  Save the file to your I: drive making sure to name the narration section.  Narrate the rest of the sections. 
Step 5. 
Video Requirements
1.   Video is at least three minutes long.
2.  Video contains 20 personal images. 
3.  Video utilizes music that does not break copyright rules.
4.  A title page and conclusion page is utilized.
5.  At least two picture transitions.
6.  At least two subtitles on pictures.