The Brain and Learning

Resource Links

Parts of the Brain

The Brain--Kids Health--Contains articles about the lobes of the brain and an interactive map of the brain
Annenberg Media is a listing of 31 high level videos on the brain.  They were produced by Colorado State University in 1997.  Several will be viewed in class. map of brain
How the Brain Learns

How the Brain Learns
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How Information is Processed

Read this article.  On the back of the Phineas Gage worksheet create a 3 column chart.  See the example that the substitute has.  List details that are the same in the two articles and differences.

Neuron Art--Brain Final Project

Your task is to create a piece of artwork that represents your theory on how neuronal connections change during learning.  You will create a representation of connections of neurons in a 2 year old brain and a 22 year old brain.   There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but your theory.  To help you determine your theory, you should explore the resources below.

You may use classroom resources such as:  poster board, large sheets of paper, copy/printer paper, colored pencils, markers, tissue paper, 3M paper, glue, scissors, or computers to create your artwork.  It should include the following labels:  cell body , axon hillock, dendrites,  synapse, axon,  myelin sheath