Being an accurate and speedy keyboarder is becoming increasingly important in our digital world.  Spending the time and effort to improve your keyboarding skills now will allow you to complete school and career projects with ease and efficiency. 
When you keyboard, you should always remember these posture/body placement guidelines:
1.  Sit up straight.
2.  Feel flat on the floor.
3.  Wrists up off the surface.
4.  Fingers bent lightly and resting on home row keys.  (Feel for the dots under F and J.)
We will be using the online typing program Goodtyping .com to improve our keyboarding skills.  Keyboarding programs are set up to make that muscle memory in connection with letters and words to the point that typing becomes automatic and that one does not have to view the keyboard to be accurate.  Looking down at the keyboard does slow down typing speed.
 The goals for the program (in order of importance) are:
1.  To become an accurate typist.
2.  To improve typing speed.
More Typing Practice